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An unwinding mind in a joyful body

About Bodyhood

We are the Pilates studio that teaches according to the Bodyhood© approach in the 7th district of Vienna.

Bodyhood means the quality of being-in-your-body. It’s a state of presence. Bodyhood is all about self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-empowerment and it is based on the concept of “Power without Force”.

We provide you with practical tools to bring more balance, harmony and vitality into your life.

About Me

I founded the first Pilates studio in the German-speaking world in 1990 and established Bodyhood©Pilates in 2000, an innovative approach to the works of Joseph H. Pilates. I follow the free university concept, which lets me see possibilities where supposedly they are none, and I so manage to help the most usual and unusual body types.

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About J. H. Pilates

The man who started it all. He was motivated to overcome obstacles of all kinds. When he was a child illnesses like rheumatic fever. When he was a grown up and imprisoned during World War I, he did not get discouraged either. On the contrary, he taught his exercise system to his inmates with such great success that his authorities send him to the Isle of Man to work with patients immobilized by war injuries. A true warrior!

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