It is not a matter of knowing, it is a matter of being free It is not a matter of knowing, it is a matter of being free


Where movement becomes a meditation in thought, speech and action

Our Philosophy

Get Out of Your Mind and Watch How Your Body Moves. At the Bodyhood© Pilates Studio you will learn power without force – a controlled action that uses a minimum expenditure of energy to produce a maximum amount of work. We learn well-designed exercises, properly performed, in a balanced sequence that produce: a healthy, lean, strong and flexible body combined with a watchful, creative and focused mind.

Principles & Methods

Bodyhood© Pilates is a holistic approach to physical training that uses a progressive sequence of exercises to improve muscle control and strength, flexibility, coordination, breathing and presence.
The exercises improve structure by improving function following 4 simple but powerful techniques: discovering, observing, re-creating and enjoying your own body.

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Do you want more energy and a relieve of stress-induced symptoms? A strong physical presence? Rid yourself of chronic back pain? Unlock your movement potential – no matter how young, old, thin or thick you are?
Read the testimonials of some of those who have benefited and see whether Bodyhood© Pilates is right for you, too.

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