The Power of Purpose

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Discovering what individually affirms you is to begin to understand your purpose.

Find out how purpose infuses your goals with meaning and how to dis-cover your purpose because purpose unifies vision, desire and will into ONE coherent whole. On the other hand …

pilates training übungen achtsamkeit gemeinsam zusammenhalt covid 19 coronavirus

Going up to battle against Covid 19 – Power without Force

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Explore 3 possibilities to face the uncertainness of COVID-19 and to boost our immune system. Because now the first line of defense against COVID-19 is a strengthened immune system. Luckily, we have a battle plan. And it comes with an anti-coronavirus workout and deep relaxation music … room for POWER WITHOUT FORCE!

Assisted Roll Over Pilates exercise Übung perzeptive Wahrnehmung perception tool kinaesthetic awareness kinästhetische Bewusstheit Training

Pilates Roll Over Assisted

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Are your legs effortlessly flowing in the air and over your body in the Pilates Roll Over? Do you wanna have a better body-perception in the Roll Over? Then watch our 40-sec-video, get a friend and try to move with his or her assistance from the Pilates Hundred to the Roll Over. See what happens…

Breath-a-cize to Energize

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How do you breathe? Do you breathe consciously out and reflexively in during exercising? Are you aware of how you breathe? Well, why not be sure you fully integrate your breathing and get to know our Pilates biofeedback tool – the “breath-a-sizer” … and feel how breath can be so energizing.

therapeutische Pilates Übungen Brustkorb-Entspannung Brustkorb-Öffnung Atemtechnik

How to yield your chest?

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Do you know the soothing and comforting feeling of a chest as soft as melting butter? Not sure? Or not yet? … Why not get to it today? Because today I will show you a simple but effective breathing exercise so you can get to this comforting feeling of a relaxed chest.

Beginn Anfang Pilates Österreich Austria ORF Bewusste Bewegung Bewegungsachtsamkeit

The Beginning of Pilates in Austria

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“To bring the unknown and unfamiliar to fruition, one has to have a mega reservoir of hope, resilience and fortitude.” So much to the emergence of Pilates in the german-speaking realm. And more? Watch the vintage video of how Pilates came about in Austria.