Be at home with yourself
Be in the Habit Of Moving Effortlessly
Where the most difficult thing becomes so easy to accomplish.


Workout on the mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair or Cadillac.  The single classes are ideal for you if you wish to solve specific problems. In the duo and trio classes you will enjoy full supervision.
Pre- and postnatal Pilates is an excellent preparation for the demands of pregnancy; Bodyhood Pilates based exercises will help you to increase joint flexibility and reduce strain on your lower back. The mat group classes are perfect to get into the flow and rhythm of the movement. And the 2b1 Workshops will truly deepen your knowledge.


Stretch your tissues and relax your nervous system in the myofascial group or myofascial massage classes.

In the myofascial group classes you will facilitate a release in your joints, muscles, fibres and tissues by putting your body in specific positions.

In the myofascial massage classes, I will show you and your body new options to move, so you can relaxe and release tension.

Pilates in Dance

Explore dancing how well you master the fundamental principles of the Pilates method.

The Urunda© dance experience is a suitable avenue to test the effectivity and functionality of Pilates in a dynamic environment. Urunda is a dance concept that coherently utilizes all dance forms in its quest for the liberation of self from all limitations; where the dancer becomes the dance.

Relaxation Music

Cava Wave Sounds – Enjoy a vegetative, fascial and muscular release.
The sounds of Cava Wave© are specifically constructed to influence the chatter of our minds via the neural pathways (vagal system) of our body in order to reduce physical and mental anxiety. Listen and experience a sense of calmness, acceptance and satisfaction in your body, mind and spirit.

Upcoming Workshops

Pilates+ Myofascial Release

pilates myofascial release awareness  training

Saturday, 19. January 2019
9 – 11 am
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Pilates+ Hip and Lower Back Problems

pilates hip and lower back problems awareness  training

Saturday, 19. January 2019
3 – 5 pm
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Pilates+ Feldenkrais Approach

Sunday, 20. January 2019
10 am – 12 pm
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Pilates+ Reformer and Wunda Chair

Sunday, 20. January 2019
1 – 3 pm
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