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Bodyhood Pilates’ Story

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis About Bodyhood Pilates, EN

"When in 1990 we opened the first Pilates Studio in Central Europe... 'strange looking machines', they would say. Today, look around you! Pilates is everywhere... the pioneering work back then, of being the first, paid off."


Created to Develop a Holistic Approach

The Bodyhood Pilates studio was founded in 1990 to satisfy today’s need for a mind that is flexible, a body that is strong and a spirit that is free. Its approach developed through over 25 years of Charleston Samu Rii Marquis’ steadfast explorations, inquiries and observations of the pilates method; supported by his reflexive and insightful teachings, learnings, understandings and practices. He so successfully developed a pilates training that has the intelligence and insight to address today’s essential need – a unity of body, mind and spirit. Since his concept is a holistic one, this aim should also be reflected in the name of his studio. So, his desire was to find a name that is self-explanatory, brief and easy to remember. Not an easy task! But while he was experimenting with new types of breathing techniques, all of a sudden the name Bodyhood arose in his mind.

Treating the Root of the Problem

Bodyhood Pilates was not only the first pilates studio in Austria, it was also the first specialized pilates studio addressing both, the outer and the inner body-problems, the symptoms as well as the causes.
Here is an example of these inner and outer body-problems: pelvic floor and lower back problems being the symptom, and neuro-muscular movement imbalances and psycho-physical blockages being the cause. Treating the sympton will give you a temporary relief, but treating both will give you long-term improvement.