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The Beginning of Pilates in Austria

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I was a lone ranger, ideologically lonesome, handsome and as lethal as undiluted Caribbean rum.
Afca Dawa, the Afro Caribbean Dance Warrior, once said …

“To bring the unknown and unfamiliar to fruition, one has to have a mega reservoir of hope, resilience and fortitude.”

I believe this to be true.

How it all started

In the video below you see the opening of the first Pilates Studio in the German-speaking realm filmed by the ORF, the Austrian television station.

As you can see I was on fire back then and 29 years later I am still on fire with passion for knowledge, wisdom and truth. Or just to witness the expression on my clients’ face when they have an „aha” experience. Yes, it is as easy as that;)

Howsoever ..

In 1990 nobody in Austria had heard of Pilates. When I uttered the name Pilates, which was at least 10 times a day, they thought I was referring to Pontius Pilates, the Roman dictator. 😀

At that time nobody was interested in the Pilates method because nobody knew what to make of it. In fact, many people tried to discourage me. They said that Austria was not ready for that kind of thing. Doctor’s, physiotherapists, … they all rejected the Pilates method. A certain physiotherapist even reported me to the Austria Medical Chamber for using the word “rehabilitation”.
To that I will tell you an anecdote …

A “little” surprise for a doctor

I remember – I think it was in 1991 – when I gave a Pilates workshop to about 20 doctors and physiotherapist in a wellness centre in Vienna. I was demonstrating the Rolling Like a Ball exercise when a doctor stood up and shouted: “This exercise is not healthy!” I told him that I agree with him if it is done so that the weight of the body is forced down onto the lumbar spine. But, if our deep muscle corset system (DMCS) is used – as I was demonstrating to the doctor – to lift our torso up on both the downward and the upward roll, then it is a great support in keeping our spine healthy.

After he had practiced this new way of doing the Rolling Like a Ball exercise, he was so impressed that he said, I paraphrase, “Mr. Marquis, I do not understand it but the pain I have had between my shoulder blades for years is gone.”

Check it & fly with it!

And last but not least why not enjoy my tribute to J. H. Pilates in picture and sound?

Tribute to J. H. Pilates

Your honouRebel Samuji

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