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Arms like the wings of an eagle, revisited by the master

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Here is another visual perspective from a different phenotype (bodytype) to our blog Arms in a place where they make a difference.

I am revisiting this learning tool because I don’t think that most people really understand the tremendous value of our arms. In fact, it is so that arms coming from H.O.M.E maintain the integrity of our head, neck, and back; not only while practising the Pilates method;)

Our arms are like wings to the body. They provide fluidity and counterbalance in walking. Try walking with your arms crossed behind your back, and you will understand what I mean. Arms that are locked in our back and do not float out of our shoulders inhibit the function of our head, neck and back in gait.

“While our legs need to be strong like the pillars of a temple,
our arms need to be strong like the branches of a tree.”

How to get arms that will carry you like the wings of an eagle? Watch our vlog on how to get arms that will teach you to fly.

I am the arms, I whip
I am the legs, I skip
That is how my nature, nurtures.
Afca Dawa

Try it & literally fly with it!

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