Breath-a-cize to Energize

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“Breath-a-cize” to energize your body through complete integration of exhalation and inhalation.

Pilates biofeedback for breathing dynamics

The “breath-a-sizer” is a simple biofeedback tool to a conscious, complete and total exhalation and a reflexive calm inhalation during exercising.
Yes, I know “breath-a-sizer” sounds a bit like the breathalyzer that is used by the “popo” to check the alcohol level in your blood when driving under the influence of the “spirit”. In our case, though, the breath-a-cizer actually is a breath exerciser – used by us in the Bodyhood Pilates Studio to check breathing dynamics and integration.

Integrate conscious and reflexive breathing

Breathing during exercising would normally be a conscious exhalation- and a reflexive inhalation-phenomenon but, unfortunately, so often it is not. The world we have created, and the life we are leading severely interferes with our ability to implement this desired breathing-process during exercising.

That is why the breath-a-sizer tool comes in handy because it serves us as a perceptive device to help us see, feel and hear the exhalation phase of our breathing consciously. It is a means to facilitate a sense of release and relaxation in exhalation and a sense of uplifting in inhalation. Yes, breath can be so energizing. A true renewable source of energy;)

And, now let’s integrate it. We will take a basic foot work on the reformer as an example.
See the video right below.

Starting position

Lie on the Reformer, keep your feet together, bend your knees and place a small pad between your knees.

The procedure

Push the carriage and extend your legs as you inhale. Exhale, press the pad between your knees, blow into the breath-a-cizer pipe until it rotates and bring back the carriage. The objective is to get the wheel to turn as much as possible so that you can exhale completely. And yes, the stronger your out-breath the stronger the turning of the wheel;)

Now, if you are able to get the wheel to turn very strongly, then once again push the carriage to extend your knees. And voilá, you will see that your inhale will occur reflexively – based on a natural demand for oxygen, which is outside the control of your self-will.
And the beauty of it is: If you are able to let this natural breathing reflex happen, you will never again have any conflict with yourself, when asked to apply a breathing pattern to a movement sequence.

By the way, applying a well-balanced breathing pattern to Pilates exercises is the most challenging Pilates principle. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike get muddle up. But now it is up to you …

Try it & fly with it!

… and share your perception with the world because perception is the guiding light to understand, innerstand and overstand insightfully.