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Change or stay the same

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"There can be no improvement without change."

This slogan has been said by many before, including Moshe Feldenkrais and Joseph Pilates. But what do we mean by change? Is it a change from Jack to John or Jane to Jill, or is it a change from unconscious habit to intelligence?

Obviously, Jack cannot change to Jill, nor can Jane to Jill. But Jack can change the way Jack thinks about Jack, and so can Jane. And in doing so Jack and Jane can create new possibilities for themselves.

One thing must be very clear, though: One cannot want to change and stay the same at the same time. We have to choose: “Change or stay the same.”
And if we want to change – most likely improve – we have to keep in mind …

The only thing we can sustainably change is us

In our training, for example, it is not a matter of Pilates, Yoga, Cross Fitness or any other “en vogue” self-enhancement-technique. It is a matter of us – It’s a matter of you and me!

Because the universe did not create Pilates, Yoga or CrossFit, the universe does not care for and about these tools. But the universe created us, therefore it does care for and about us. So, the burden of proof is on us – on you and me.
How do we go about this, you ask yourself.

Improve by changing “what” for “how”

…because it is not about “what” we do but about “how” we do what we do that causes improvement. Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and Cross Fitness are powerless unless we give them power. We are the only ones who are capable of doing something and because of this fact, we are the only ones who are capable of changing something.

Pilates movement awareness exercise Roll up self-improvement change
Pilates movement awareness exercise Roll up self-improvement change

Let us, for example, take the Pilates Roll Up exercise. If you want to make a sustainable change, you do not change what you do – the Roll Up – but how you do the Roll Up.
We can can do the Roll Up with a forward-neck (image 1) or chin-to-chest position (image 2) and create a completely different result.
Change the “how” and not the “what” and this way change how you relate to the “what” – some also call this development;)

Try it & fly with it!

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