Antischwerkraft Fuß Exploration Pilates Körperbewusstheitstraining therapeutische Übungen

Exercise Of the Month – Foot Exploration

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Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the Exercise of the Month series.
For the past 30 years, I have been collecting and experimenting with special therapeutic exercises from around the world, which have contributed tremendously to my teaching and personal body-mind-development. And because I gained so much from these therapeutic exercises, I want to once a month share one of them with you.

I have empirically proven these exercises to be of therapeutic value and that is why I like to share them with you. By therapeutic value I mean that the exercises initiate a kind of unity between the different parts of our body to produce a movement that positively affects our whole body.

And the therapeutic exercise I am going to share with you today is the Antigravity Foot Exploration, a lesson in how your feet are connected to the whole of your body via the central nervous system.

Antigravity Foot Exploration

Everything is connected, nothing is neglected in the nervous system.
Every action elicits a reaction.
All is one and one is all.
Your feet express the drama of your nervous system, and, also express who you are.

Your feet are not slippers that you wear to walk around your living room. Your feet are more like the wheels of a car. And if a wheel of a car does not rotate steadily then the car cannot be driven steadily, which will then negatively affect the overall working of the car. Likewise, you cannot walk steadily if your feet are not placed on the ground in a certain geometrical path, which will inevitably affect the rest of your body. What it will result in? Instead of your legs hanging downwards out of the pelvis, your pelvis will hang upwards towards your shoulders. This further causes the different parts of your pelvis to fight against each other like a ship on a stormy sea instead of them working together to allow your “united” pelvis to swing in harmony with your legs.
So, now let’s see what we can do to unite;) Watch the video of the exercise right below.

Starting Position

Lie on the mat in prone position, legs extended and feet together.

The Procedure

Antigravity foot exploration Pilates body awareness training therapeutic exercise

Bend your right knee and start the following sequence. First, flex and point your right foot 10 times. Then circle it in one and then the other direction for 10 times each. Put your foot down and take a little time to experience the new perception of your leg on the side of the working foot. Then stand up to experience this new perception of the working foot on the floor. Then lift your right arm up and again take a little time to experience the new perception of your arm on the working foot side. Then try the exercise sequence with your other foot.

Antigravity foot exploration Pilates body awareness training therapeutic exercise

Coaching Keys

Use our coaching keys as a support when you are doing the Antigravity Foot Exploration exercise. Say to yourself and vividly imagine

• I keep my pelvis on the mat as I point, flex and circle my foot.
• I avoid using my back muscle to circle my foot.
• I release my neck as I point, flex, and circle my foot.

Therapeutic Values

The Antigravity Foot Exploration
• changes the perception of the working leg: the leg feels longer.
• changes the perception of how you stand: the feet ground better on the floor.
• changes the perception of the arm: the arm on the working side feels longer.

And last but not least, …

The Pilates Connection

The Antigravity Foot Exploration changes the perception of how you feel your legs in Pilates exercises such as the Single and Double Leg Stretch, Side Kick, and Side Leg Lift Series: Your legs will feel longer and lighter.

Try it & fly with it!

And? Do you feel like wanting to try the Antigravity Foot Exploration exercise? Yes? We would love to hear from your experience in the comments.

As always, scroll down and let us know in the comments if this post has helped you in any way.