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Going up to battle against Covid 19 – Power without Force

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis Blog, EN, General

Many philosophical thinkers across time, whether philosophers, poets, gurus, or master teachers, have been saying that, “Fear eats the soul”. I have yet to hear someone say, “Coronavirus eats the soul”.

But COVID-19’s power lies in its ability to create fear in our minds.

While Coronavirus is actually a relatively mild killer compared to other viruses, it still holds high ranking as a great viral deceiver. It rapidly invades our cells, changes the data found there and so fools our body into believing it comes in peace. How does it manage that?

Simple. You see, when this new frenemy by the name of Coronavirus comes along, it invades the cells and duplicates the manufactory instruction of the cells to reproduce itself. When the virus then becomes the majority in the cell, it bursts the cell open, and spreads to other cells to repeat the same destructive procedure. COVID-19 is a true master at this war strategy, which is why COVID-19 is so dangerous to our health.

There is this battle going on between viruses and bacteria where most of the time bacteria win. However, viruses come out on top when the “bad” bacteria override the “good” bacteria in the body. Could we inadvertently be allowing this to happen?

pilates training flow exercises mindfulness together solidarity covid-19 coronavirus

Are we eating foods incompatible with our own microbiome?
Are we consistently ruminating in negative thoughts or churning toxic emotions?
Are we failing to differentiate our movement patterns?

All of the above-mentioned conditions compromise the ability of our immune system to protect us against alien invaders. This explains why those most vulnerable to the coronavirus attack are elderly people, people with chronic respiratory illnesses and those with diabetic conditions.

Rally the troops

The first line of defense against COVID-19 is a strengthened immune system. Luckily, we have a battle plan:
• Improve our sleeping patterns.
• Accept and give love abundantly and unconditionally.
• Mindfully differentiate our movement patterns.

We cannot wait for a year, as estimated by health agencies, to idle away. Starting now we can take these 3 important steps to help fortify our immune system where it matters the most. To emphasize: (1) improve our sleep, (2) increase our capacity to love and (3) mindfully exercise our body. Let’s do it!

What you can do for better sleep

pilates training flow exercises mindfulness together solidarity covid-19 coronavirus

Before doing the breathing exercise, if you are restless or tense or have trouble relaxing, I suggest to skip-jump for 3 minutes.

Then, half an hour before going to bed, place a mat on the floor, turn the included music (below) on and lie on your back with a pillow under your knees and head. Interlock your fingers and place your hands on your lower abdomen. Breathe into your lower abdomen and feel your hands rising up into the sky. Wait and listen to the sound of silence, then with a deep humming sound exhale and feel your lower abdomen sinking down into the earth as you simultaneously watch the sun set. Imagine to synchronize your in- and out-breath to the rising and setting of the sun.
When you finish, take a melatonin tablet (1-3 mg sublingually) and then go to bed.

What we can do to increase our capacity to give and show love

Take a moment and either call or text anybody who you feel in your gut you have been incorrect or unjust to. Offer your heart-felt apology and share with them sincerely your willingness to do better next time around. Feel the love inspire you to be the best you.

Take a moment and think of someone you love or hold dearly but have never expressed this to them, and allow your thoughts to put a smile on your face. Let it warm your heart. Then either text or call them and express your love for them at this time. Share with them lovingly and openly how they have positively impacted your life.

What you can do to exercise body-mindfullness

Take a moment and put a smile on your face. Your endorphins will be set free! Then watch and mindfully and actively follow the included video as best as you can. At the end of your participation, make a deep-releasing tone; a vibrating hum.

Try it & fly with it!