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Pilates Hundred on the Reformer – What for?

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How do we find out what the Hundred on the Reformer is good for? How, for example, does the Reformer-Hundred relate to the Mat-Hundred? What is the principal and perceptive difference between them? Which purpose and worth does the Reformer-Hundred have in relation to the Mat-Hundred? Let’s find out! Then we can apply each form contextually and understand what the Reformer-Hundred is really good for.

So, here we go…

3 facts that make the Hundred on the Reformer easier

The Hundred on the Reformer is easier to execute than the Hundred on the Mat based on these 3 facts:

1. Closed-chain kinetic arm pulsation; meaning that our arms are pulsing against two fixed objects – against the hand grip and the shoulder girdle stabilizers.
2. Better kinaesthetic awareness of our shoulder girdle due to the constant and gradual resistance provided by the springs.
3. Reduced gravitational force on our torso through the closed-kinetic grounding of our arms.

However, the Hundred on the Reformer is also more difficult to execute because it challenges us in a way the Hundred on the Mat doesn’t. Let’s see ..

2 facts that make the Hundred on the Reformer harder

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The Hundred on the Reformer is more difficult to execute than the Hundred on the Mat based on these 2 facts:

1. Incorrect use of the hand grip as a hanging device; this happens when we do not gradually and continuously activate our „Power Engine” and shoulder girdle stabilizers to anchor our legs as well as torso upwards; and also to counteract the force of gravity and the springs via the lengthening of our arms towards our pelvis.
2. Inability to make use of the spring-resistance-advantage as a kinaesthetic aid and leverage to facilitate elevation and flexion of our torso.

So, in comparison to the Hundred on the Reformer, the Hundred on the Mat is in principal an open-chain kinetic exercise, which makes body perception more difficult and requires the performer to be better able to support his and her body in order to reduce gravitational force.

Now, which one do you think is more therapeutic?

Therapeutic value

The therapeutic benefit of the Hundred on the Reformer is a de-loading of torsional force on the 7th cervical and 12th dorsal spine. For the Hundred on the Mat, however, since there is less support for the body, the therapeutic effect is lessened.

Watch the video below to compare both versions of the Hundred;)

Eventually, the Hundred on the Reformer gives us a deeper perceptive understanding of the Hundred on the Mat.

So, it is not which one is better but which one is more suitable and for which purpose.
All in all, the Hundred on the Reformer has more of a therapeutic effect, and the Hundred on the Mat more of a fitness effect.

Try it & fly with it!

And? What is your experience with the Mat-Hundred and the Reformer-Hundred? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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