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Make a Happy Face for the Human Race

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis Blog, EN, General

We intensively focus on protecting our body from Covid-19 but, unfortunately, we often neglect to protect our hearts from the aftermath of Covid-19.

Poetry is the elexir of the heart. Poetry nourishes our heart just like minerals and vitamins nourish the rest of our body. Poetry acts like Vitamin D in our heart and lightens up the dark.

Why not send affirmative poetry or verse via email, SMS, beatbox, or rap to a loved one, friend, or adversary and make a happy face for the Human Race?

I humbly sent this verse to a friend:

“Today, even if the sun don’t shine
I still see you shine
In my mind
In the daytime, you shine like Buddha's smile
In the nighttime, you shine
Like full-spectrum light
And clear the doubt
In my eyes."

Try it & fly with it!

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