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Where touch says way more than mere talk

Perception is the new reality. He and she who feels it, knows it, and it is only she and he who knows it, who actually knows what to do.
Sometimes we say a thousand words, give a thousand explanations and yet nothing changes – and then one touch done in a certain way changes everything.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Bodyhood Pilates tutorials.
Today I am going to show you – via a PADAD fascial massage technique – the correct outwards rotation of our shoulders, which is a prerequisite position for all back-bending exercises such as the Pilates Swan, Swan Dive, and Double Leg Stretch. The shoulder facial massage will facilitate kinesthetic awareness in the outwards rotation of our shoulder girdle.

Let me take you on the journey of what and how I guide so you know what and how to guide when practicing this therapeutic exercise with someone you love, respect and trust.

To uncomplicate both, your life and the exercise, watch the video above to get an idea of the Shoulder Rotation Fascial Massage before you read how to exactly practice it with a partner;)

Starting position

My partner lies on the floor in prone position, her legs are hip-wide open, her heels fall onto the side, and her head is facing to the left side with her arms lying alongside her torso as in the picture below. I sit on my knees to her left. I support her left shoulder joint with my left hand and place my right hand on her left elbow. I make sure that her gluteal muscles are disengaged and her breathing is even.

Pilates movement awareness exercise shoulder rotation outwards inwards training therapeutic fascial massage

The procedure

I ask my partner to inhale as I internally rotate her left shoulder, and then to hold her breath while I pause for 3 seconds. I then ask her to exhale as I gently pull her arm and externally rotate her shoulder joint, and simultaneously I ask her to lift her chest up without gripping her gluteus or shoulder. I again ask her to inhale and hold her breath for 5 seconds while I pause, and then to exhale and lower her chest back to the mat.

Pilates movement awareness exercise shoulder rotation outwards inwards training therapeutic fascial massage
Pilates movement awareness exercise shoulder rotation outwards inwards training therapeutic fascial massage

Coaching keys

I use coaching keys as a mental support when I am doing the shoulder-rotation-fascial-massage. Why don’t you try them, too? I say to myself…

• I make sure that my partner doesn’t engage her gluteus and her shoulders as she lifts her chest upwards.
• I check for any sign of anticipatory anxiety.
• I check for any sign of an additional anterior tilt of her pelvis during the lift.
• I am kind, gentle and mindful of what I do.

Therapeutic value

The Shoulder Rotation Fascial Massage

• changes the perception of how we perceive our back, especially valuable for those with hyper lordosis.
• reduces torsion tension in the neck – most likely a “result” of extensive cyber activities.
• alleviates rotator cuff syndrome.

And last but not least, …

The Pilates connection

This PAPAD facial massage manipulation technique allows us to physically and kinesthetically percieve and be aware of the correct position of our shoulder joint and girdle during all Pilates back extension exercises, especially the Swan, Single Leg Kick and Double Leg Kick.

Try it & fly with it!

Let me know whether you found my blog post about the facial massage for an enhanced shoulder rotation useful. Could you discover anything for yourself? Why not try it out in one of your Pilates classes in the pursuit of new insights?

As always, scroll down and let me know in the comments if this post has helped you in any way.