Pilates Dance Movement

Pilates in Dance

Charleston Samu Rii Marquis EN, Offer

U r u n d a

Explore the possibilities of how stability and control could relate to functionality, dynamics and mobility; for instance, in an avenue such as dance with such a wide range of motion. Since the pilates method is primarily a method of stability and control, when the essence of the pilates method has been understood and fully integrated in the body, the mind will have the natural desire to explore.
Therefore, the Urunda experience is a suitable avenue to test the effectivity and functionality of the pilates method in a dynamic environment, and to explore your mastery of its fundamental principles.

Where the Dancer Becomes the Dance

Urunda – Urban Universal Dance – is a new concept of dance that stretches, squeezes, swirls, twirls, whirls, juxtaposes, expands and reinvents traditional and conventional dance types such as jazz, contemporary dance, ethnic dance, street dance, hip hop and many more into a fresh, creative, evocative and eclectic dance experience.
Urunda is not a dance form. Urunda is a dance concept that coherently utilizes all dance forms in its quest for the liberation of self from all limitations through an optimum level of self-expression; where the dancer becomes the dance.

Workshop dates to be announced.