Swan Dive – Learn to dive without the fight-flight reflex

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The Pilates Swan Dive exercise artistically mimics the elegance of a swan diving into the water to bathe or look for food. With us humans though it sometimes really does not look so artistically elegant … either because we fight too hard or flee from what we actually consciously have to implement to make the Swan Dive effective.

So, talking about the effect – what is the effect of the Swan Dive? Well, for us, homo sapiens, the effect of the Swan Dive on the Wunda Chair is the maintenance and well-being of our back integrity. The lucky swan doesn’t have to worry about this because it doesn’t watch TV, sag on a chair while playing video games, or poke its head to the computer screen when the stress of self-willed effort once again overrides its common sense.

However, luckily for us human beings, the Swan Dive exercise provides a great chance for us to take good care of our backs.

A chance to decondition

The Swan Dive is an excellent chance to “bodily” ground ourselves and fly on a linear path of elevation. We surf in and out of the gravitational pull to educate our muscles. It Is a chance to teach our muscles which are deconditioned from years of postural and cybernetic abuse how to protect the integrity of our spinal column.

Yes, the sensation is uplifting! But let us not forget: Without the down pull, there would be no need to uplift. As the saying goes “What goes up must come down; as is above, so is below.”

“What goes up must come down; as is above, so is below.”


Try it & fly with it!