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The Bodyhood Pilates Mantra

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"Words can morph our 'brainy box of toys' into silence"

The teasing Pilates method and the value of a mantra

If you study the Pilates method beyond the typical jargon, you will realize that it is a teasing method because it is based on a progressive overload concept.
Said metaphorically this means that at the bottom of the mountain each Pilates exercise places a carrot in front of you, and as you try to bite it, it moves it away. It keeps on doing this until you get to the mountain top.
Yes, it is not a coincidence that there is a Pilates exercise called the Teaser. So ..

How to handle teasing

Put your focus on the process.
The Pilates method in its raw form offers you paradise only once you have reached the top of the mountain. That is why the drive to the mountain top can create a certain kind of rigidity and compulsiveness in our self-will. So, to get out of these self-willed, rigid and compulsive attitudes, we have to develop surgeon–like awareness of the process of how we get up that mountain to not overexert ourselves.

Because we all know that that freshest air is at the top of the mountain, but how can we enjoy this highly-charged oxygen if we are exhausted before we get to the top?

And this is where the Bodyhood mantra becomes very helpful. It gives you a new perception of how you can climb up that mountain holistically because it makes you aware of the state you are in internally and externally as you climb up.

The Mantra a vehicle of our mind

pilates mantra mindfulness mental training resilience body-mind-awareness

I recently read in a Sanskrit literature that “man” in “mantra” roughly means “mind” and “tra” means “vehicle”. So, I loosely deduce from this that our mind is a guiding vehicle – that it matters what we think and say. So, if we put words and sounds in our mind that are used to calm and center us, then that is what our body will do.

Isn’t it fascinating how words anchor our mind to our body?

Well, our Bodyhood Pilates Mantra is developed to create exactly this unity between our thoughts, speech and action. And here it is:

I am present
I listen
I feel
I wait
And I let it come

I ride
I slide
I glide
I fly high in the sky
I smile so bright
As I watch my thoughts pass me by

The ground is my home
But it is in sky that I will know where I am from.

pilates mantra mindfulness mental training resilience body-mind-awareness

Recite the complete mantra at lease 15 times successively with a breath pause after the first verse, between line 5 and 6, and after the second verse, between line 10 and 11.
By the way, the first verse has been empirically tested and it has worked for the past 15 years. The other 2 verses I recently added so I can’t verify their effectivity, yet. That is still to be done? Want to have a go?

Try it & fly with it!

Your honourebel Samuji

We would love to hear any thoughts and comments from you. Especially if you are going to support us verifying our mantra? But also in any other case;)

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