The Power of Purpose

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How purpose infuses your goals with meaning

Pursuing a goal without attaching meaning to it is like owning a gorgeous diamond without any idea how to use it. Or to have put in the immense effort to reach the top of the mountain to turn around and wonder “why am I actually here?”.

What are you truly aspiring to accomplish?

When you want to conceive such truths, it is necessary to first consult your heart. Ask yourself “what do I want to achieve in my Pilates training” and digging even deeper “how will my training impact myself and others?”

Should we not – each one of us – conceive a worthy purpose in our heart, and then set out to accomplish our purpose?

In terms of a worthy purpose – “I want to have a six pack” – isn’t going to fit the bill. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this desire, nevertheless, one has to ask oneself: what for? What purpose does having a six-pack have? How would having a six-pack serve the holistic integration and harmony of my body, mind, and heart?

Discover your purpose

Now the Pilates training itself is not the purpose. Pilates training is merely the tool. The purpose would be to be completely, unapologetically, and unequivocally free while performing Pilates in the pursue of a balanced body and mind.

Making Pilates the purpose is like saying to yourself, “the purpose of my life is to eat”. But necessity is not purpose. And food is a necessity, not a purpose. In that allegory, a purpose could be to eat without getting indigestion or acid reflux.

Discovering what individually affirms you is to begin to understand your purpose.

Food for thought: When one who has purpose, confronts failure or obstacles he/she nevertheless rejoices, as they understand that this too can be another possible pathway to success.

Purpose unifies vision, desire and will into ONE coherent whole. On the other hand …

"Doubt and fear are two torqued forces that alter the trajectory of purpose from a straight and steady path into a lame and crooked one."


For finding your deeper purpose

Try chanting this to yourself in a 3/4 rhythm first thing in the morning and last thing at night:

I started as one and then became many, and in the many I became one again.
I started as one and then became many, and in the many I became one again.
I started as one and then became many, and in the many I became one again.

Try it & fly with it!