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Toning release of our upper chest

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In last week’s post, we shared with you the therapeutic exercise “Happy tree blowing in the wind” to release your upper spine by circling it in standing. We suggest to go back to the exercise description in case you haven’t seen it.

Today we are going to enhance the therapeutic effect of this exercise with a perceptive tool called “tone symbolism”. Tone symbolism means the intonation of the rhythmic movement pattern so we can get a deeper and more thorough release.
In our exercise “Happy tree blowing in the wind” tone symbolism will enhance our flow and fluidity in the junction of flexion to extension.

With tone symbolism to flow of movement

Once again in concrete terms. Why tone symbolism?

Through tone symbolism we facilitate
– flexion and extension and
– a more constant and steady flow of movement.
Besides, it helps to integrate and synthesize our body/mind continuum.

How it works?
See our retro video below;) It was taken in one of our wonderfully inspiring Bodyhood Pilates Mat Workshops quite some years back with a great group of very dedicated participants, who shed blood, sweat and tears on their way to a blissful weekend experience.

Try it & fly with it, too! 🙂