General Cancellation Policy

In case of absence the entire costs are due. There is no cancellation fee if a replacement can be found. The registration cannot be cancelled after the event has started. Missed appointments cannot be made up for. This policy is valid, regardless of the reason for absence. In case of illness another appointment can be scheduled within 6 months after recovery if you submit a medical certificate.

Music- und Video Downloads

Music- und video downloads are for private use only. For public use, please contact us under our e-mail


We are not accountable for any personal injuries or any damage to personal belongings. The attendance of classes or workshops is to 100% your responsibility.

Studio Orders

We kindly ask you to put all training devices back to their original place after use. It not only minimizes the risk of injuries, but also helps to avoid unnecessary searching, since everybody can instantly retrieve all devices required for their training.


For hygienic reasons please wear socks while training.