Enchanting Experience in Sight and Sound


Visual and auditory experiences of a body-mind odyssey

Sound & Motion

The Cave Wave© Sounds reduce the conflicting sensory information between your heart and your brain. The sounds can so have the desired relaxing effect on your muscles, cells and tissues. Cava Wave affects the perceptibility and quality of your muscles’ cells while and after working out.

Relaxation music

Cava Wave© Sounds: Enjoy a vegetative, fascial and muscular release.
The sounds of Cava Wave are specifically constructed to reduce physical and mental anxiety. They influence the chatter of our minds via our neural pathways – the vagal system of our body. Listen and experience a sense of calmness, acceptance and satisfaction in your body, mind and spirit. Explore the Cava Wave Concept here


Musik für vegetatives, fasziales und muskuläres Loslassen – Cava Wave© Sounds. Die Klänge von Cava Wave© sind speziell darauf ausgerichtet das konstante Geratter in unserem Kopf über die neuralen Wege (das vagale System) unseres Körpers zu beeinflussen. Physische und mentale Angstzustände werden so reduziert. Höre sie dir hier an und erfahre ein Gefühl von Ruhe, Akzeptanz und Zufriedenheit in Körper, Geist und Seele.


Videos to accompany your body-mind-exercises. Get an in-depth, visual and auditory peek through some of the underlying principles that govern the Pilates method. Watch moving pictures and let your beliefs and preconceived ideas of how you see the Pilates method be challenged.