Affirming someone's action makes that
 action possible again and again
Unusual work for my body and mind but I always do not only feel better afterwards but also like I learned a lot about the workings of my body & mind. It's a bit like working against all odds in a save environment. I feel like my whole self is taken care of - which can be quite shattering for my ego - but I nevertheless feel I gain a much more holistic satisfaction than 'just' ego satisfaction. Thank you for providing me with a path towards self-knowledge!
I enjoyed your workshop thoroughly. It was just as I like it: A lot of experiences, eye openers, a good rhythm … Your version of Pilates never fails to relax my body and mind. It makes me feel upright, rooted to the ground and lets me sleep well.
Gritta B.
Bodyhood Pilates has been a real life-changer for me …. I had been to various doctors, but nothing really helped me until I started doing Pilates training with Charleston … Working with Charleston is completely different from other exercise classes because of the personal attention he gives you … He knows the body so well and has an enormous repertoire of different exercises … and never lets you get away with doing an exercise halfway, or even three quarters of the way … I am 70 years old and I can walk as much as I like … but not only my body but also my mind is getting healthier.
You have shown me a path to truth and I enjoy learning to walk on it, even when I am still on the beginning of a journey that will never end …. Thank you for shaking me and my patterns .. I always walked out of the studio feeling a bit changed.
Charleston Marquis’ supernatural gift is to view the human body objectively, which immediately enables him to see injuries that are veiled to the scrutiny of magnetic-resonance … His sixth-sense and experience allow him to get results as soon as possible.
I do not know what you have done with this damn knee, but: THANK YOU – it is a great feeling to run around without any pain :-)))
Eva R.
Your Elongation Reformer Workshop: I got new enthusiasm because of your deep approach. I felt “Power without Force” coming from inside. Coming home I felt totally awake, physically and spiritually, each cell of me was ALIVE and PRESENT! I felt HAPPY, STRONG, POSITIV, FLYING, SHINING … SENSUAL!
I would just like to tell you that I am very glad to be finally on “board” with you, a coach I consider the very best of all those I have ever consulted throughout my whole life.